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Mexican tiles for magnificent fountains

Creating a water fountain in the garden means not that easy. Yet, it’s not difficult either. The most important thing you need is the creativity in you. Also, you need to pay attention to the size and shape of the fountain and the location where you are going to set it up. The color of the tiles you use for the purpose and the quality of them are some other important factors we must consider. The development of modern technology has enabled these decorative elements to enhance the quality and beauty of homes and gardens at large. The range of production levels have gone up due to the modern facilities and machinery available today. Therefore, manufacturers have found a lot of novel ways to produce things. Consequently, we, customers have got a wide variety of options to choose between. Especially, when selecting tiles, we’re at a loss to make a decision. All the varieties are so beautiful and neat that we cannot simply pick the one we need.

A beautiful garden fountain with watery flowers

The best collection of tiles for creating home and garden décor is Mexican Talavera. The high demand they have in the tile market today shows that they’re the finest match specially to decorate Southwestern style homes. Don’t have any doubts of the appropriacy of these beautiful tiles for decorating both indoors and outdoors. Especially Talavera tiles meant for building garden fountains have the highest demand from local and foreign buyers. The vibrant color schemes and elegant finishes of these Talavera tiles are ideal for creating almost royal-like fountains that sprinkle water in a variety of eye-catching patterns. They add a significant element to your compound making it more and more lovely with all those color effects customary to Mexican hand-painted tiles.

You have numerous ways to design fountains using beautiful Talavera tiles. The outcome Talavera tiles create is always pleasant and advanced. The quality and good looks of the tiles often win the hearts of thousands of consumers. That’s why they become the best seller. In building up the water fountain, you should make use of Talavera tiles. Here are some new ideas that would inspire you in this task. Try them and see how you’d prosper. You would surely wow your guests with an indescribable glory.

Talavera tiles in backsplashes of the fountain

You can make your garden fountain even more eye-catching by installing Talavera fountain tiles in the back splash of it creating fine patterns. Depending on the size and shape of the backs plash, you can decide the type and color of the tiles to be used. This will be easier, if you have an artistic mind. Also, there are hundreds of new ideas in the internet to make DIY fountains. You can borrow some of them to be successful in this process.

Fountain with the pond beneath

This is not a new idea. Have you seen fountains in the middle of ponds in historical royal gardens? Yes, that picture is a bit quaint. But, if you’re creative, you can give it a modern look with these beautiful patterns of Mexican Talavera tiles. Styles change with the time. But even old-fashioned decor items would be perfect with the beauty and the quality of the materials used to create them. You can install Talavera pool tiles in artistic ways to decorate the bottom of the pond and its banks. It would bring a lot of color and light to your garden.

Series of pots used in a fountain

This is really a wonderful idea that creates joy in everybody’s heart. Instead of using one pot and its saucer as a fountain, you can increase the number of pots to five or six. Then, it’ll be a magnificent decoration that makes the whole garden shine with brightness. Use beautifully colored Talavera clay pots to create this fountain. You’ll be amazed at the grandeur it would create in your garden.

DIY fountains made of flower pots

A simple flower pot could be turned into a marvelous fountain made on your own. You may say that you won’t have enough time to spare on that. But, can’t you devote one of your weekends? And also, you can do it step by step taking one or two hours daily from your free time. That will be the solution for the time factor. Let’s see how to create this lovely home-made fountain just out of a common flower pot!

All you need is a plastic or cement flower pot, a flower pot saucer, a plastic pail, Talavera tiles, a solar pump and some beautiful rocks picked up from a river.

How to make it

First level the ground, cement it and install some beautiful Talavera tiles covering a sufficient area. Apart from the beautifying task, the aim of having such an installation is to stop mud sprinkling and dirtying the pots in the rain. Next, place the saucer on the paving stone and the flower pot on it.  Then, fill the saucer with the river rocks. Fill the top pot with water. Next, set the solar pump right in the center of the top pot to sprinkle out a spray of water. Mind you! Set up this fountain in a place where there’s direct sunlight since it’s the sun that powers all the process. The colorful designs in Talavera fountain tiles will beautify your garden fountain a lot.

The sound of splashing water adds a musical effect to the scene. Afterall, running water has an invisible power to calm down people. That’s a gift of nature to harmonize people of all faiths all over the world. So, why don’t you get it? Hurry! Either buy a pre-made fountain or make a DIY fountain on your own. It will give an exciting new look to your home garden.

A lovely home and garden with Mexican pottery

The power of a mere lump of clay is amazing. Pottery is such a great art that even a simple ceramic pot can change the appearance of your home at large. Attractive designs and their wonderful color effects brighten the place where they’re kept. In short, ceramic pots are like a charm that illuminate any dark area. And also, they fill a place with prosperity. Their grandeur enhances your pride.

The magic of creating them in such a way lies in the hands of gifted Mexican artists. They’ve passed the art of pottery from generation to generation since the 16th century. Even today, their traditional techniques of making Mexican pots remain the same except some recent changes in the designs, shapes and decorations. This beautiful art was originated in Puebla, Mexico. Yet, most recently, Mexican Talavera pottery designs have mixed with foreign designs due to factors like colonization.

However, Talavera pots are widely used for interior and exterior décor in houses and business places. They have become a must to decorate gardens, patios, open spaces, dining halls and even bedrooms. Also, they are used as bird bath bowls. Whatever the place they’re kept, the majestic look, beauty and value they add never drop down.

lily talavera mexican pot

The specialty of Mexican Talavera pots is their uniqueness. Each and every pot has its own identity since they’re all hand-painted individually. Even at this moment, thousands of Mexican artists may be painting designs on clay pots.

Mexican Talavera pots are made of two kinds of clay: dark brown and rosy white. Finished pots are very pretty and colorful. They carry the unique identity of a genuine Mexican craftsmanship. Do you have any issues related to its glazes? In fact, both leaded and non- leaded glazes are used to make modern day clay pots. Lead is of course injurious to health. So, some of you might be avoiding these ceramic pots due to this lead-phobia. But, Talavera pots are assured to be oven safe and non-toxic. Even then, you must handle them with care since they could be chipped or broken just as any other ceramic product. Do you have any issues related to its glazes? In fact, both leaded and non- leaded glazes are used to make modern day clay pots. Lead is of course injurious to health. So, some of you might be avoiding these ceramic pots due to this lead-phobia. But, Talavera pots are assured to be oven safe and non-toxic. Even then, you must handle them with care since they could be chipped or broken just as any other ceramic product.

Mexican Talavera pottery artists take a considerable time duration to finish a fairly large creation. It’s said that they take almost one year to finish certain products. You can use them as flower vases, fruit bowls or to serve certain decorative purposes. Wherever you keep them they do their best in beautifying both inside and outside of any home.